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Uniphone 1150 Textphone

The Uniphone is a combined telephone and textphone making it ideal for people who are hard of hearing or profoundly deaf. It's flexibility makes it great for mixed hearing household.

It offers combined voice and textphone features. This means you can make calls in several ways:

1. Send and receive textcalls

2. Speak you part of the call and receive the response via text

3. Text your part of the call and receive the response by speech.

The keyboard is for the textphone facility whilst the handset can be used by hearing members of your family.

Not only does the telephone function have an adjustable volume, there's also an inductive coupler on the handset so that people using a hearing aid can hear more clearly without background noise or interference.

A light flashes when you receive a call and you can adjust the incoming call ringer can be adjusted too.

The screen shows you the status of the call so you know if the line is ringing, engaged or the line is unobtainable.


  • Three volume settings and inductive coupler on the telephone handset
  • Call status displayed during call – indicates ringing, engaged and line unobtainable
  • Flashing incoming call indicator
  • High/low incoming call volume adjustment
  • REN value = 1 

Uniphone 1150 Textphone

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