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Sonic Boom SBA475 Alarm Clock
This analogue alarm clock is Ideal for those who prefer a conventional clock face that's easy to use; but with the added benefit of a vibrating pad to slip under the pillow. 

Sonic Boom SBA475 Alarm Clock


    * Packaged with a 12-volt vibrating pad.

    * Sharp blue back light, also flashes when alarm rings.

    * Adjustable back light brightness - hi/low dimmer switch

    * Loud 113db pulsating audio alarm

    * Adjustable volume - from off to loud

    * Adjustable tone - from low to very high

    * Mains powered with UK 13A power supply

    * Battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage (battery not supplied)

    * Snooze button - approx. 4 mins 15 seconds

    * Large analogue screen

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