Signet PDA Induction Loop Amplifiers
Induction Loop Amplifiers 

Signets range of professional induction loop amplifiers offer outstanding sound quality. They are ideal for use in large applications such as halls, meeting rooms, theatres, churches and conference venues. Fantastic value for money Induction Loop System with no compromise to quality. All models designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed.

Up to 200m2 coverage PDA200/2 Induction Loop System
Up to 500m2 coverage PDA500/2 Induction Loop System
Up to 900m2 coverage PDA1000/2 Induction Loop System

Signet PDA Induction Loop Amplifiers

  • Ideal for theatres, cinemas, churches, conference halls and other applications where top quality sound is a must Each unit includes two XLR 3-pin input sockets (one balanced mic. and one switchable balanced mic./line) and one outreach connector Adjustable level controls provided for all inputs - can be used individually or together as a three-input mixer Metal compensation control helps offset the frequency response problems associated with excessive metal in a building Includes a true output current meter and provides visual indication of the amplifier’s compressor action via two LEDs 3.5mm headphone socket allows true monitoring of the output signal Advanced audio signal processing with automatic gain control If you need advice on the commercial range of Induction Loop Systems please contact us to assist.