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Sennheiser Set-830 TV Listener from £191.25
SET-830-TV, TV Listener
Product ID: SET-830-TV

Hard of Hearing and can not hear the television the Sennheiser Set-830-TV is the latest version of Sennheiser's infrared 'stethoset' TV listener. It produces outstanding sound quality when watching TV or listening to the radio. Innovative articulated ear-tips improve comfort and the latest Lithium-Ion batteries extend the operating time to 12 hours between charges.

The Sennheiser Set-830-TV is supplied with a selection of audio connection accessories such as a 6mm/3.5 Jack, Phono/RCA and Scart connectors, If your television does not have the appropriate sockets for these connectors the SET-830-UK also includes a microphone to pick up on the audio sound.

The Sennheiser Set-830-TV is supplied complete with transmitter, 'stethoset' receiver, rechargeable battery (BA-300) UK/European/US power supply,
Manufacturers warrantee 2 years (BA-300 battery 6 months).

Sennheiser Set-830 TV Listener from £191.25

  • SET-830-TV - Comes with Scart Connections Set-830-UK - Comes with above and Microphone
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