Remote Controlled Induction Loop System
EchoSL ™
Remote Controlled Room Induction Loop System

The EchoSL ™ Induction Loop that has REMOTE CONTROL. The ability to control volume, tone, mute and power with the touch of a button makes EchoSL the answer to fluctuating sound levels when listening to TV or changing TV channels. A modern, new and stylish design with the ability to stand or lay flat allows EchoSL Induction Loop to fit neatly beside TV and audio equipment.

The EchoSL ™ Induction loop system has the same excellent sound quality that is synonymous with the renowned Echo ® MegaLoop ™ Induction Loop system.

EchoSL ™ Induction Loop takes the sound from your TV or other sound source and converts it into a signal which is then fed into a wire fitted in a continuous loop around the edges of the room. This signal can then be picked up by a hearing aid switched to the ‘T’ setting. The volume and active tone control can then be adjusted completely independently from that coming out of the TV speaker so that the television volume can be set at a comfortable level for others.

There are also two specifically designed microphone sockets, one to be used when the microphone is fixed to a T.V. speaker and one as a priority for environmental sounds or for conversation.

Remote Controlled Induction Loop System

  • EchoSL ™ Induction Loop System

    * Easy to use Remote Control

    * Stand up or lay flat design

    * Microphone and line inputs

    * Background noise control for microphone

    Power Supply 12v AC 10-20 VA or 12-18v DC min. 1.5 amp Output Output current > 3 amp peak current, loop resistance less than 1 ohm Frequency Responce 100Hz to 5.2khz (v/c mid) Tone Control Effect 20db range max-min (v/c middle) Microphone 2 microphone inputs 3.5mm mono/ electret condenser Line Input 2 line-level inputs, Phono connectors, with gain control Line Output 1 line-level output 3.5mm mono, nominal level -6dBu, output imp. 100ohm AGC Attack time 60ms, Recovery time 760ms Dimensions 190mm(W) x 45mm(H) x 8120(D)



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