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RCG2 Chair Leaving Alarm Pager System
Chair Leaving Alarms

Most popular system comprising of high quality, hard wearing occupancy sensors with high performance transmitter and radio pager alarm.

Simple economical solution for detecting a person rising from their chair.
If you need an alarm to detect a person leaving their chair the equipment detailed on this page will provide a reliable, economical solution. The system comprises of a sensor mat, chair (additional monitors available with mats), a wireless monitor transmitter and a radio pager. For a chair the mat is placed under the chair cushion or seat cover. When the patient sits or lays down, the monitor transmitter acknowledges detection with a couple of beeps. When the patient rises an alarm signal is transmitted to the radio pager, which can be up to 150M away. The system can be set up in a couple of minutes. The new extended alarm delay option can be selected to allow the user 15 minutes to go to the bathroom etc before the alarm signal is transmitted to the alarm pager.

Picture Shows both Chair & Bed Mats - Only a Chair mat comes with this system however additional options are available.

RCG2 Chair Leaving Alarm Pager System

  • BTXV-02D Wireless Transmitter - With 15 minute alarm delay option. Transmitter case dimensions H 115mm W 75mm D 20mm. Case material ABS. Wall fixing lugs on rear of case. Transmission frequency 433.92 mHz. Range 100M (open field). Power requirement 9V PP3 or mains 12V DC power adaptor. Low battery warning sound + flashing LED. Built in nurse call button, alarm reset button. Alarm radio pager: Alarm pager (PAG-03DV) with vibration only or tone beeper or speaking alarm number for use with multiple patients. Powered by 2 x AA batteries. Dimensions W 80mm H 60mm D 20mm. Strong belt clip. Low battery warning. Alarm volume control. Alarm display, volume control, review button. Mat Sensor: Sensors are manufactured in high quality polyvinyl and are fitted with a 2M lead for connection to monitor transmitter. Normal strength disinfectants can be used to sterilise any soiled sensors. Chair sensor 15” x 12” RCG2 Chair Leaving Alarm Pager System comprises: 1 x monitor transmitter, 1 x alarm pager, 1 x chair sensor mat, batteries for monitor transmitter and alarm pager. Easy to use Chair Leaving Alarm
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