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PL1/K1 Portable Loop System
A compact, all-in-one portable loop system ideal for counter, table or desk-top use. Small area coverage to protect confidentiality - ideal for private conversations in public places. The PL1/K1 portable induction loop system is a truly portable and extremely durable audio frequency induction loop system, packed full of features and available at a very competitive price. Fully compliant with BS7594 and EN60118-4, it is ideal for use in schools, shops, nursing homes, leisure centres, hotels, banks, GP surgeries, reception desks and many other private, public and civic settings.

Ready for use within seconds
Free-standing lightweight design - ideal for counter, table or desktop use
Simple one button operation
Generates a loop listening field of approximately 1.2m2
Limited horizontal throw of loop field helps maintain privacy in applications
where confidentiality is essential (i.e. banks, meeting rooms, police stations, etc)
Excellent sound quality
Integral high performance microphone accommodates different operator voice levels
Plug-top charger included in all kits (amplifier charges fully overnight)
Integral cut-off timer (set able to 10, 30 or 60 minutes) helps prevent inadvertent battery discharge
Remote microphone socket for optional tie/desk microphone
Indicators provided for power on, input level, charging required and charging in progress.

PL1/K1 Portable Loop System

  • * Small Area Coverage Rechargeable Loop System * Ideal for private conversations * Generates a loop listening field of approximately 1.2m2 * Integral high performance microphone
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