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Medpage MP5 Epilepsy Alarm
Epilepsy Alarm Monitor
Medpage MP5 Tonic/Clonic Seizure Movement Alarm

Medpage Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm Model MP5

The Medpage Model MP5 epileptic seizure movement detector is manufactured in the UK by Medpage Limited. This model was first introduced to market in 1996 and has remained the top selling Tonic/Clonic seizure monitor ever since. Why? The monitor is very easy to use and is suitable for most patients and most bed types. The Medpage MP5 Epilepsy alarm, despite its advanced seizure movement analysis software and high grade processing power, it is priced to be affordable by families without compromise on quality or performance.

How Does the MP5 Epilepsy Alarm Work?

The Medpage MP5 Epilepsy Alarm Monitor uses a patented movement sensor, which is positioned under the patient’s mattress roughly at a shoulder height position. The monitor is powered by a mains charger and has a 12 hour battery backup in case of mains power failure or interruption. The sensor has a sensitivity control to allow for adjustment for patient body weight and bed mattress type. A quick tweak of the control dial is all that is required to set the correct movement detection level, confirmed by a lit LED. A feature invented by Medpage Limited, permissible movement alarm delay, also has a control dial allowing adjustment from 2 – 20 seconds. This setting allows a person to turn over, cough, or reposition themselves on their bed without an alarm generated. This feature virtually eliminates false alarms. Adjustment of the controls takes only a few seconds and when complete are digitally stored to prevent tampering or accidental adjustment.

Some people vocalise preceding or during a seizure. To aid reliable detection of minor convulsive seizures, a built in microphone, frequency tuned to detect human sounds, continually monitors for sound. A gain (sound level) control allows the optimum sound detection level to be set.

Medpage MP5 Epilepsy Alarm

  • Epilepsy Alarm Monitor Specifications Monitor dimensions L 150mm W 105mm D 45mm Suitable for single and double beds, cots/cribs and memory foam mattresses Seizure detected LED lights and stays lit to indicate a detected seizure Tamper proof settings Powered by 12V mains power adaptor with battery backup (12 hours) Power status and movement detection LED’s Movement sensor: Lead length 3M Sensor dimensions: L75mm W 55mm D 25mm Silent Alarm. No internal sounders. Internal output connector for linking to auto dialler or nurse call system. Epilepsy Alarm pager specifications (2 supplied) Powered by 2 x AA batteries. Lightweight and compact with sturdy belt clip. Alarm options are: vibrate only, vibrate with low volume alarm tone, vibrate with high volume alarm tone. Also includes flashing LED on alarm. Low battery warning. Operating temperature -10°c - + 50°c. Dimensions: H 80mm W 60mm D 28mm. Weight including batteries 125gms. Epilepsy Alarm Monitor from Medpage
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