Listenor Pro is an amplified listener which is ideal for individuals who have a mild to moderate hearing loss.    Listenor Pro is supplied with a NeckLoop and provides easy listening enjoyment of television, radio, stereo, and other audio devices, as well as relaxed conversation with family and friends.  
Listenor is a powerful lightweight amplified listener that provides greatly enhanced sound level and quality for individuals with mild to moderate hearing difficulty for use with earphones, which are included.
Listenor Pro is ideal for watching TV and conversing with others. Volume and tone controls enable you to get the best out of your listening experience.
The microphone of Listenor Pro can be placed in a raised position using on a nearby surface using the belt clip, or held in the hand and pointed towards the sound source.
Listenor Pro uses AAA batteries which last for up to 100 hours of continuous use.

Listenor Pro with NeckLoop (NL)

Payment Options
  • Listenor Pro includes: • Listenor Pro amplified listener • NeckLoop • Neck lanyard • 2 AAA batteries • Detachable belt clip • User’s manual

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