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Friedland Libra + D914 & Telephone Alert
Friedland Libra Plus D914
Cordless Flashing Doorbell 200m Range Libra +
Comes with Telephone Transmitter D936
All Batteries Included

The Libra + Flashing doorbell is an excellent product which is wire free, simply fix the push to the outside door and insert batteries into the receiver: it could not be simpler. The receiver has a flashing light and 6 icons, the icons can indicate other events, for example if you have a telephone transmitter the telephone icon will light up along with the bell sounding and flashing. (The orange icon shown in the picture relates to the doorbell) A second push can also be used for the back door programmed to a different icon allowing you to immediately recognise which door to answer. The basic system (D914) includes receiver and push (shown above) and all batteries

Friedland Libra + D914 & Telephone Alert

  • Friedland Libra + D914 · 200m range. Stylish silver colour · Flashing Light gives visual indication for hard of hearing people or in noisy environments. · 6 tunes and 3 alert sounds. 90dB@1m · 6 visual icons. · Volume control. · Self learning push to chime communication makes for easy setup. · New 868Mhz technology. · Includes portable chime and bell push along with push &wall mount fixings. · All batteries included at no extra cost D914 Friedland Libra Plus Flashing Cordless Doorbell D936 Friedland Libra Plus Telephone Transmitter All Batteries Included ( 4 x Duracell 1x CR2032)
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