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SA3000 Clofield Firesafe System
Firesafe Commercial Paging System
Firesafe Panel

Paging System for Public Buildings
The Silent Alert Fire Safe System offers service providers a simple and cost effective solution to the problem of providing fire alarm cover for people who are deaf within public buildings and workplaces.
The system includes a discreet Pager unit worn by the user. A special radio transmitter links directly to the Fire Alarm System and is triggered automatically when the Fire Alarm is activated. The Pager responds by vibrating and illuminating the fire key.
The system is compliant with all relevant parts of the new British Standard for in-building fire alarms which includes paging for people who are deaf, BS5839 part 1 2002. This standard was specifically redrafted to cover paging systems for deaf people linked to fire alarms.
The Fire Safe system has an open air operating range of 750 to 1000 metres.
The system is radio licence exempt and can be installed and serviced by the service provider’s own fire alarm maintenance company. These factors help to keep ongoing costs low.
The system’s patented design helps service providers fulfil their obligations under the fully implemented Disability Discrimination Act.

Firesafe Commercial Paging System Panel

  • Specifications:- * Dimensions - H300mm x W240mm x D100mm * Weight: Without Battery 1.90KG - With Battery 4.5kg * Material: Polycarbonate self-extinguishing enclosure * Protection: IP66 * Power Supply: 240v AC 50Hz * Battery Back Up: 12volt SLA 7Ah (4015-501-Y) * Alarm Panel feed to Fire Safe Panel: Normal condition 5-30 Volts DC - This can be taken from the leads within the panel. Grounded in alarm mode via an integral OPTO isolated volt free relay * Fault Conditions: Mains Failure, Battery Removal or Charge Failure, Main PCB Failure, Radio Failure. * Radio Compliance: In accordance with EN300 220-1 * Radio Licence: Licence Exempt * Range: Up to 1000m in open air. Make Your Building Safe with a Fire Safe System. Don’t Leave it to Chance
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