Fire Smoke Alarm for Deaf People
Fire Alarm FC/CHSYS Smoke Alarm for Deaf People      

Smoke Alarm System with Strobe & Vibrating Pad
Fire Alerting System for Deaf or Hard of Hearing People
Smoke Alarm FC/CHSYS (FCO1R)
Wire-Free Smoke Detector Sends Alarm Signal To Bedside Receiver
Bedside alarm with powerful vibrating pad and flashing xenon light.
Quick and easy installation, no professional help required.
Over 12,000 units in use in the UK alone.
Full CE, R&TTE Certification. Conforms to BS 5446:3²:2005
Telecare compatible using RJ11 socket on base unit.

Fire Smoke Alarm for Deaf People

  • The Smoke Alarm FC-CH/SYS is a bedside smoke and fire warning system for Deaf and hard of hearing people. The bedside alarm operates a vibrating pad under the pillow with a flashing light to awake you from sleep if a smoke detector should operate. The bedside alarm produces four alarm types: • Alarm in response to radio controlled smoke detector. • Alarm will activate Telecare units with optional connection lead. •System warning alerts such as low battery, mains power failure or backup battery fail. • Carbon Monoxide Alarm available as optional extra. Auxiliary Output/Input: The auxiliary output socket provides monitored power supply output at 9 Volts and relay contacts. The relay contacts are a common and normally open contact. The contact may be used for connection and control of other devices such as telephone auto diallers and community alarms. System Parts: 1 x FC-CH Bedside Alarm Receiver 1 x FC-CHD Smoke Detector 1 x User Manual 1 x 9v Lithium Battery Power requirement 12 Volt DC Battery backup 9.6V @ 1.2amph Battery backup 100 Hours Radio frequency 868.25 mHz Alarm control Software controlled Vibrating pad 9 Volt @ 160mA Xenon Strobe 9-12 Volt @ 180mA Xenon strobe output 2W Smoke Alarm for Deaf & Hard of Hearing People