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Fire Angel Wi-Safe 2 Heat Alarm WHT-630
  • The FireAngel WHT-630 is a 10 year sealed battery thermistek heat alarm from the radio-interlinked Wi-Safe 2 range of devices.

    Providing quick detection of significant rate-of-rise in temperature, the heat alarm is ideal for kitchens and garages where a standard smoke alarm would be unsuitable and can be wirelessly interconnected with up to 50 other Wi-Safe 2 devices within a single system.

    The alarm benefits from a "locate" function, helping you to easily find the initially activated alarm within an interlinked system.

Fire Angel Wi-Safe 2 Heat Alarm WHT-630

    • Sealed for life 10 year sensor and power pack
    • Improved backing plate guarantees quick and easy fitting
    • Easy to use, large, concave central button - ideally suited to the less able
    • Includes Smart Silence - pressing the test/reset button on any alarm in the network will silence all but the initiating alarm
    • Up to 50 alarms can be linked in a single network
    • Wireless range up to 200m in clear sight (we recommend not to exceed 35m as the maximum direct distance between smoke alarms inside a property)
    • Two LED indicators - amber (fault) and red (alarm and “heartbeat”)
    • Low battery status of a single alarm communicated to all other alarms in the network
    • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Standards – certified to EN14604:2005 and LPCB approved
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