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EchoRA™ Speech Amplifier & Teaching Aid

The EchoRA™ is a Brand New Portable and Wireless Speech Amplifier System.

The system produces loudness and clarity with minimum effort from the user. The Speakers are expandable when in use and then fold down to become compact and lightweight so they can be transported easily, from classroom to classroom.

The miniature 2.4G microphone transmitter clips easily onto a lapel and the head worn microphone is comfortable and discreet.

The EchoRA™ is of minimum size but produces maximum sound.

EchoRA™ Speech Amplifier & Teaching Aid

  • • Produces effortless volume and clarity • Miniature 2.4G microphone transmitter • Compact, lightweight expandable Speakers • Lithium rechargeable batteries • Small, personal and very portable • Minimum size, maximum sound EchoRA Personal Case to transport your speech amplifier safely and easily. Echo, Echo ILoop, Echo-Loop and EchoVoice are all registered trade marks of Hearing Products International Limited.© 2015 Hearing Products International Limited.
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