EchoLink ™ InfraRed TV Listener

EchoLink ™ TV Listener with Headset & Neckloop
Cordless System for Listening to Television

NOW WITH NEW Integrated Digital audio converter, making the system easy to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV, so it is easy to install with just one Toslink Cable, which is provided in the set.


EchoLink ™ uses infrared signals to transmit sound from TV, radio or hi-fi to provide excellent sound quality without trailing wires. It has a powerful, discreet and mountable transmitter and an independent hand held receiver that provides sound either through headset or neckloop. There are no batteries to change, the receiver is simply placed in the charging cradle provided, when not in use.

EchoLink ™ InfraRed TV Listener

  • · Intelligent charger base for receiver

    · Fast charge for receiver

    · No batteries to change

    · 50 hours listening time

    · Microphone and line inputs

    · Can be used with headset or neckloop

    · Powerful, lightweight, mountable transmitter


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