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EchoIR™ Wireless Infra Red TV Listener
EchoIR™ Wireless Underchin Headset Infra Red TV System
EchoIR™ is a most versatile and technically sophisticated infra red listening system.

This equipment will give you complete freedom to listen to your favourite TV or programmes, enjoy music or conversation, without irritating leads running across
the floor. A microphone is also included to further enhance the flexibi lity of the system allowing it to be used as a personal listener to assist when talking, using the
telephone or computer.

EchoIR™ Wireless Infra Red TV Listener

£141.60 Regular Price
£119.94Sale Price
  • Features: * High power transmitter gives excellent range with high quality audio sound. * Automatic signal control circuit adjusts any sudden volume increases to keep the output volume stable. * Balance control allows individual setting of balance for left and right ears. * Tone control, easy to adjust to individuals preferred setting. * Duel charging bay on transmitter for option of two receivers. * Comfortable lightweight receiver only 55gms. * Comfortable in the ear design soft ear buds to provide maximum amplification with maximum outside noise reduction. * Audio and microphone inputs on headset enable headset to be used as a personal listener without use of the transmitter. * Approximately 12 hours of listening pleasure on a single full charge. * Li-ion charging with auto switch off.
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