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EchoChime ™ Sound Sensor Transmitter

The sound sensor can be easily paired with the flashing chime receiver and/ or the vibrating pager to provide a simple alerting option for door intercom systems. The transmitter is simply fixed next to the intercom with a self-adhesive pad (provided); the microphone is then attached to the intercom speaker. The transmitter will then activate the chime or vibrating pager once the microphone pics up the buzz from the intercom. The transmitter has three sensitivity settings to help prevent false activation caused by other sounds and vibrations.

  • Transmission distance up to 300m (open field)
  • Low, Medium and high sensitivity switch
  • Simple installation no wiring required
  • Low battery indicator on receiver – Power source 2 x AAA batteries

EchoChime ™ Sound Sensor Transmitter

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