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EchoChime 300 ™ Wireless Doorbell for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

EchoChime300 ™ Doorbell is a wireless doorbell system that is a loud sounding, flashing doorbell with bell push. The addition of other alert accessories enables the EchoChime300 to become a multifunctional home alerting device.

Chime300 Accessories Find out more.

The wireless doorbell system operates on the 868Mhz frequency with a range of up to 300 meters in open field. Choice of melodies including a phone and siren sound, with excellent loudness and wide range of tones, this is supported by 4 picture alert icons and a bright flash indicator. The visual icons on the chime unit indicate the source of activation. EchoChime300 has a 4 to 1 capability; up to 4 transmitters can signal to one receiver, choose from door bell, telephone signaller, sound sensor for intercom, and magnetic sensor for door/window alarm.

Transmitters are individually digitally paired (65535 combination codes) to avoid interference. The bell push is weather resistant and very easy to mount indoors and outdoors (attachments included). The chime is battery operated and portable for use throughout the home. The chime can also be mains powered using an optional mains adapter (see accessories for optional EchoChime300 mains adapter).

The wireless telephone transmitter when plugged into a telephone socket activates the chime when your telephone rings, this alerts you with a loud chime sound, and flashing LED. The sound sensor has a microphone and is activated by fixing the microphone to a sound source such as an intercom buzzer. If the buzzer sounds the microphone triggers the sound sensor and the chime will then alert you with a loud sound and flashing LED.

  • Trouble free front cover battery replacement
  • Extra loud and clear bell sound with choice of melodies…
  • 1 siren and 2 telephone selections
  • Low power consumption with user friendly set up procedure
  • Volume control to adjust volume level of chime
  • Choice of sound only alert, flash only alert, or flash and sound alert
  • Choice of different alert sounds for each transmitter

EchoChime 300 ™ Wireless Doorbell for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Power DC4.5V - 3 x UM2 batteries (supplied)
    Optional DC12V /300mA AC/DC adaptor (not supplied)
    Frequency 868.4MHz


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