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Echo ® RadioLink ™ Wireless Radio System
Now comes with both Headset & Neckloop

Hearing Help Echo ® RadioLink ™

RadioLink ™ uses radio frequency to transmit sound from TV, radio or hi-fi to a receiver anywhere in the house, providing crystal clear sound that transmits through walls and has no trailing wires. It can be used as a Radio Aid for talks, tour guides allowing for a better hearing experience. The volume and tone control can be adjusted independently by the user who can use it to hear with either headset or with neckloop.

The Transmitter can be powered by batteries allowing for the system to be very portable. Use for meetings, doctors appointments etc.

Echo ® RadioLink ™ Wireless Radio System

£150.00 Regular Price
£107.94Sale Price
  • •Active noise reduction for crystal clear sound •Operating distance up to 50 meters in open air •Complete Freedom of movement •Transmits through walls at home •Mains or Battery Powered transmitter •Ability to charge 2 receivers at the same time •Tone control (Low/Mid/High) can be set independently •Receiver has auto channel search tuning •Li-ion battery technology ensures a long operating time •30 hours listening time when fully charged •Microphone and line inputs •Comes with Headset & NeckLoop Echo, Echo ILoop, Echo-Loop and EchoVoice are all registered trade marks of Hearing Products International Limited. © 2015 Hearing Products International Limited.
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