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Echo MiniTech Pro ® NEW
BRAND NEW the MiniTech Pro® is a digital personal listener with outstanding quality of sound and engineering. The listener boasts the newest digital technology available, giving the user superb amplification at the touch of a button.

BRAND NEW Echo MiniTech Pro® – Modern and stylish in design the MiniTech Pro® incorporates digitally controlled buttons which make the unit easier to use for those who may have dexterity problems, its ergonomic design fits easily and comfortably in the hand.

MiniTech Pro® has digitally controlled buttons which allows accurate and quick volume control, easily adjusted by visual and tactile volume pads with large symbols and raised dots, making the MiniTech Pro® ideal for people who are not only hard of hearing but who also have a visual impairment.

A bright colour LED indicates the increase in level of volume; the LED indicator will change from blue to green to red in sequence, red being the highest.

Echo MiniTech Pro® can be used with a digital quality under chin headset, stereo headphones or if used with a hearing aid, a high powered quick release neck loop, transmitting sound to the hearing aid set to ‘T’. The set contains both headset and neck loop.

Sound is picked up by a ‘stubby’ microphone that is connected to the amplifier providing superb sound quality and amplification in meetings, out and about or television listening at home.

The microphone on 1.5m lead can be used to pick up sound from a TV or other sound source. Either microphone can be extended by using the 3m extension lead to increase the distance the user can be from the sound source.

Most products with line output can be directly connected to the MiniTech Pro® with an audio lead using the line input socket (audio lead not included).

When using the microphone and the line input together , the user can switch between the two, ideal for when the user wants to converse with someone whilst watching the TV.

Echo MiniTech Pro ® NEW

  • The MiniTech Pro® can also be used to listen to a loop system in public places, using a headset, by activating the T Switch.

    * Microphone to amplify conversations

    * Built in telecoil

    * Aux connection for connecting to TV or other sound sources with an option to switch easily between TV and conversation

    * Fast automatic gain control circuit to protect hearing against sudden/ loud noises

    * Powered by 2 x AA drycell batteries (included)

    * Active Tone Control

    * Neckloop & Headset (included)


    Echo, Echo ILoop, Echo-Loop and EchoVoice are all registered trade marks of Hearing Products International Limited. © 2015 Hearing Products International Limited.

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