The Crescendo 50/5 system is used for listening to your TV, radio or for conversation when wearing your hearing aid switched to the “T” setting. It will amplify the sound to you whilst maintaining the TV or radio at a volume level that will not disturb your family, friends or neighbours.

The Crescendo 50/1 system is a portable, battery operated listener which is light and comfortable to use. The sound from your TV or radio is picked up by a microphone, is amplified and transmitted by the neckloop to your hearing aid switched to the “T” setting.

Crescendo 50/5 System

  • * An easy to use on/off volume control * A built in microphone enabling the amplifier to be used in conversation and for TV viewing without trailing leads. * A rotary tone control * An indicator light showing when the amplifier is switched on * A loop listening facility – the user can listen to a loop system in a church or theatre etc. without a hearing aid. * Battery powered by 2x AA Alkaline Batteries. If you choose this system you will receive: Crescendo 50 Amplifier Neckloop (1m lead) 4m Microphone with tie clip 2xAA Batteries Belt Clip Neck cord Operating Instructions

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