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Conversor Pro Plus
Conversor Pro Plus FM System

Conversor Pro Plus also allows you to listen to the TV or other audio source without increasing the volume on the television which can irritate other viewers. Simply plug the transmitter into the television, place the receiver around the neck, switch the hearing aid to the telecoil or T setting and listen through the hearing aid or just plug a set of headphones or earphones into the Conversor Pro receiver.

The Conversor Pro hearing FM system is a discreet radio microphone with a pendant neckloop receiver that transmits sound to your hearing aid 'T'. The powerful microphone can be hand-held or placed on a surface near the sound source. It gives you the ability to focus and choose what you hear, whether in a one-to-one situation, a group discussion or a lecture hall. The Conversor Pro helps to reduces background noise assisting with everyday conversations. Also included is a neck cord which you can plug into the microphone to give you hands-free operation.

► Contents

Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter
Conversor Pro pendant receiver
Power supply unit/charger
Neck lanyard for microphone/transmitter
Audio cable
TV cable
Convenient pocket carry pouch
User’s manual

► Key features

Zoom Setting

Provides the microphone/transmitter a very precise and narrow focus, allowing the user to select a particular sound source from a number of different sounds.

►Omni-Directional Setting

Enables you to focus on sounds from all around but at close proximity, and is useful in “round-table” situations such as family dinners or business meetings.

►Background Noise Reduction

Conversor Pro reduces unwanted background and peripheral sound by up to 30db. This allows you to focus clearly on the sounds you want to hear.
Wireless Portability

You can place Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter close to the desired sound source and listen from a distance. Use it with ease at conferences, in a classroom or lecture

Conversor Pro Plus

  • Conversor Pro:


    · Microphone with boost button

    · Neckloop receiver

    · Rechargeable battery with up to eight hours use

    · TV connection kit supplied (Transmitter)

    · Operating range up to 25m

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