System Case with 1 x Microphone Transmitter & 8 x Neckloop Receivers

Conversor Pro MultiPack addresses the special needs of multiple hard of hearing individuals in classroom, lecture and meeting room settings, providing front-row sound level and clarity up to 50 metres (150 feet) away from the speaker or sound source.

Conversor Pro MultiPack

Assistive listening for classroom, lecture and meeting environments
• Easy to use group FM system
• Broadcasts speaker’s voice wirelessly to the group
• Bypasses intervening noise and eliminates room acoustics
• Unlimited number of additional receivers can be added
• Facility for up to three additional transmitters using multichannel receiver (Optional Extra)
• Programmable to different frequency channels

Whether in a classroom, lecture, or meeting room, people who are hard of hearing face a real challenge understanding the speaker clearly amongst surrounding background noises.The average noise level in a classroom is 75dB and if that is combined with poor acoustics, even those with normal hearing will struggle to hear the speaker’s voice.
Conversor Pro MultiPack addresses the needs of multiple hard of hearing individuals in these settings, providing them front-row sound level and clarity up to 50 metres(150 feet) away from the speaker. The user can wear a telecoil-enabled hearing aid, headphones or earphones.

Conversor Pro MultiPack 1TX 8RX

Payment Options
  • Contents Conversor Pro MultiPack includes:

    • 1 x Conversor Pro microphone/transmitters

    • Optional extra or substitution of TV Pro transmitter

    • 8 x Conversor Pro pendant receivers in the same case

    • Robust charging and storage case

    • Neck lanyard(s) for microphone/transmitter(s)

    • Audio cable(s)

    • TV cable(s)

    • User’s manual

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