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Children's Epilepsy Seizure Alarm MP5-UT
Children's Epilepsy Seizure Alarm Medpage MP5-UT Ultra-Sensitive Movement Detection

The Medpage MP5-UT combines the features of two of most popular monitors resulting in an affordable epileptic seizure detection alarm suitable for babies through to adults. The UT super-sensitive sensor is positioned under the bed or cot mattress where it continually detects body movements from a sleeping person. The detected movements are analysed by computer software that differentiates usual sleeping movement from typical seizure movement. Continuous seizure activity generates an alarm, which is transmitted to a radio pager to warn the parents/carer of an ongoing seizure

The Medpage-UT is very easy to set up, in fact for most people there will be no adjustments to make so it is instantly ready to begin its job right out of the box. Changing the movement detection capabilities is very easy if required as the MP5-UT has digitally controlled adjustments for the sensor sensitivity and a special feature first introduced by Medpage, the delayed alarm feature. The UT is a powerful machine, designed to keep watch over your treasures while they sleep, providing you the opportunity also of a good night sleep.

Children's Epilepsy Seizure Alarm MP5-UT

  • Technical details: MP5-UT will detect movements resulting from epileptic nocturnal seizures including minute prolonged movements from children Suitable for all ages babies - adults Large area patented monitoring sensor technology for improved movement detection from most bed and seizure types where movement occurs Suitable for Cots/Cribs with memory foam mattresses, single & double beds Digital sensitivity control for bed sensor and vocalization microphone Digital alarm delay control virtually eliminates false alarms by ignoring natural sleeping movements, such as turning over Detected seizures are notified to carer via radio pager (two supplied) Monitor powered by mains power adaptor with 12 hour battery backup CE marked in accordance with Medical Directive EEC 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC Sensor dimensions 300mm x 200mm x 10mm Interconnecting lead 3M. Monitor dimensions: 150mm x 105mm x 45mm Pagers powered by 2 x AA batteries Radio frequency 433MHz Monitor transmitter range 120M (line of sight) Pagers provide two-channel identification when used with two seizure monitors Ideal for dual patient monitoring at home, hospital or care home to identify active seizure alarm Tamper proof settings, monitored connections, fault reporting to pagers Ultimate seizure movement monitoring for home and professional care 3 Year warranty - no maintenance or servicing required
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