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CCM3A-2216-EU-PIR Care Call Movement Monitor
This compact mains powered wireless Movement Monitor is simple to fit and easy to install. Using an infrared sensor, the Monitor will send a signal to the Pager or Portable SignWave receiver whenever a person passes through the sensors field of view. Ideal for use when caring for someone who may wander or young child, the Monitor can be angled to cover a specific room or staircase, but allow free passage to other rooms without activating the Pager or SignWave Receiver. The Monitor can also be located low down at a bedside to act as a bed leaving alarm where a pressure pad would not be appropriate. For additional monitoring the Movement Monitor also has an Audio sensor with variable sensitivity and time delays for use when monitoring sounds within a room such as a child crying or an elderly person calling for assistance from a Carer. With many applications, the Monitor can also be used to support both the Carer and the Cared-for person in many different types of care environment

CCM3A-2216-EU-PIR Care Call Movement Monitor

  • SA3000 Care Call Paging System System Overview: Small Monitors are used to monitor each event. When a signal is received the Pager gently vibrates and illuminates the number that relates to a specific patient or event. The Pager will operate between 150 & 1000 metres from a Monitor making the system ideal for use at home or in a care facility. At night the Pager Unit can be recharged in a Charger Unit that can be placed on a bedside table or at a night nurse station. If a signal is received at night it causes a bleeper to sound to wake the user. Alternatively a Vibrating Pillow Pad can be connected to the Charger, which vibrates in place of the sounder to ensure other people are not disturbed at night. Simple to install and discreet, the Silent Alert Care Call System improves the user's freedom of movement and peace of mind when caring for a patient or loved one. Alert Options include: Person to Person Key Fob Magnetic Door Monitor Chair leaving alarm PIR Movement Monitor Fall Alarm Bed Leaving Alarm Audio Monitor The system includes a discreet, fully portable Pager unit worn by the carer. The symbols show the alerts on the pager which will activate if you have corresponding monitor installed The New Silent Alert Care Call System allows a carer a much greater level of independence to pursue their daily activities, yet ensuring that they are instantly made aware of the requirements or movement of the person for whom they are caring. Ideal for use with people with: Alzheimer's Mobility problems A tendency to fall A tendency to sleepwalk No Ongoing Charges
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