Amplicomms PowerTel 50 Alarm Plus
Amplified Telephone with Call Alarm Feature

he Amplicom PowerTel 50 Alarm Plus is an easy to use phone with an emergency pendant. The Amplicom PowerTel 50 Alarm plus comes with a water proof emergency panic pendant that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck, when pressed the phone will automatically dial one of the preprogrammed contact numbers. The PowerTel 50 Alarm plus has all the features of the PowerTel 49 plus. The phone has big backlit buttons and a large easy to read display, it features a +40dB volume boost button and has an extra loud ringer. Then PowerTel 50 Alarm plus is an ideal big button home phone and emergency alert system for elderly and vulnerable people who need that extra benefit of a phone with extra amplification along with the call alarm for emergency (no ongoing Call Alarm Fees).

Amplicomms PowerTel 50 Alarm Plus

  • PowerTel 50 alarm plus:

    • NEW water resistant wireless pendant alarm - wrist or neck strap

    • Easy to use Big Buttons

    • Back lit keypad

    • Voice confirmation prompts by key press

    • Talking caller ID

    • Bright visual flashing LED for incoming calls

    • 3 direct programmable numbers - with sequential dialling

    • 10 Indirect Memories

    • Premium Hearing Aid Compatible

    • Tone Control

    • Adjustable speaker volume and Tone Control

    • Handsfree speakerphone

    • Backlit Display with clock

    • CLI calls list up to 64 numbers with recall dialling

    • In the event of mains power failure, calls can still be made

    • Alpha numeric Telephone Book for 30 entries

    • Menu in 4 Languages, Wall mount option, Call timer, Microphone mute key, Tone dialling, PABX Compatible