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Health Care & Hearing Assistive Products


SJS Services provide a wide range of innovative care products to aid independent living along with equipment to assist people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Suppliers to NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Care Establishments and Individual Customers.

If you are purchasing a system for your own personal use , or if you are an organisation with charity status you may be eligible for Vat Relief on your purchase. All the prices on our web site include Vat, if you are eligible for Vat Relief you may choose the excluding Vat in the payment options. If a product does not show excluding Vat it does not qualify for Vat Relief.

Please click on more information to see if you qualify for Vat Relief on your purchase.


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EV6 Voice Amplifier to aid speech

Care Products & Epilepsy Alarms

Induction Loops & Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing Alerting Products

Voice Amplifiers

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Vat Relief


Online Vat Relief Forms can be completed here by clicking the following link:

deaf fire alarm, induction loop system, counter loop system, epilepsy alarm, seizure alarm, bed leaving alarm

Help Line​


Tel: 01463 871950




Deaf smoke detector alarm, hearing loop system, chair leaving alarms, epilepsy alarms, deaf fire alarm
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